A Note from Christiana

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A Note from Christiana

Dear Friends,

McMullenI LOVE the holiday season! It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. From the lights adorning homes to the carols heard all around, I just can’t get enough. Holiday Cheer! with the Denver Philharmonic is another tradition that fills you with the holiday spirit!

Every year, my family in Boston has a Christmas ‘grab party.’ Everyone brings a gift, we all draw numbers and exchange our prizes. After lots of laughter, fun and a delicious feast, we shut off all the lights and begin our very special Christmas tradition by candlelight: singing carols and the reading of the story of Jesus’ birth.

Up until his passing a couple years ago, it was my grandfather who lead our family caroling. As I sing with the Denver Philharmonic for Holiday Cheer!, I’ll be thinking of my grandfather and the joy the carols would bring to him.

Schubert’s Ave Maria is such a magnificent piece, and who doesn’t love White Christmas? It will be an amazing night filled with true holiday cheer!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Christiana McMullen, Soprano

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