Q&A with Oct. 4 Soloist Daniel Morris

Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in Features
Q&A with Oct. 4 Soloist Daniel Morris

Get to know more about Daniel Morris, our bass trombone soloist for the season opener on October 4.

How long have you been playing the trombone,
and why this particular instrument?

Dan: I began playing trombone in the Fall of 1992. My first choice was drums, but my parents quickly nixed that idea. My parents raised me on old timey movies, and I had always loved the aesthetic property of the trombone, with the slide going in and out, and all the funny sounds that could be made with it. I was also influenced by a Cosby show episode that came out when I was 6. In it, Bill’s father plays trombone and somehow it has always stuck with me.

What drew you to Brubeck’s Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra?

Dan: I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Brubeck in the Spring of 2006 when the Brubeck Brother’s quartet performed at Colorado Mesa University. Mr. Brubeck and I had a few moments to chat after a masterclass they held and he told me about his piece. The work is very intriguing because it calls for the performer to have a wide range of abilities, from range to technique to improvising skills. It also calls for many different styles, including the instruction to “play as if intoxicated,” a skill that every low brass player can relate to.

What do you like best about being a member of the DPO?

Dan: I’m thrilled to be a Denver Philharmonic musician. What I like best about being a member of the orchestra is the intimacy, both of the space in which we perform in and amongst the musicians. Everyone comes to rehearsals with a passion to play to the best of their abilities. I feel we are all in support of one another and that is why we produce such a high quality product.


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