RE: Teens’ Concert Behavior

Posted on Nov 29, 2016 in Features
RE: Teens’ Concert Behavior

Dear Friends,

The day after our most recent concert, we received an email from a patron named Karie concerning the behavior of the three teens she brought to the orchestra the night prior. She wrote:

Much to my delight, you truly engaged these teenagers. You live-tweeted cool facts during the entire performance. The use of cell phones and social media was not discouraged, and for these teenagers, it brought them into the fold in a way that just listening couldn’t do. The first thing my 13-year-old son said when the performance ended was ‘that was awesome!’

Kudos! You engage this ‘technology-distracted generation’ by using, instead of shunning, their form of communication to help them enjoy and appreciate performance of live classical music.”

Hearing stories like this are why we give our time, money and talents to produce concert experiences like this six times a year — a massive commitment for an all-volunteer run organization.

Ticket sales make up about 30% of our revenue. And the rest comes from you — our community who understands how important it is to engage three teenagers in a live classical music performance.

As we near the end of the year, we hope you will strengthen your commitment to help us to continually redefine the way our community experiences and engages with classical music by making a donation to the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra. Schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation today.

If we all give a little, we will do more together.


Thank you,
Denver Philharmonic Fundraising Team
Sarah, Megan, Ani, Kelli, Barb and Jon