What’s Your Favorite Thing?

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 in DPO Desk
What’s Your Favorite Thing?

With Colorado Gives Day tomorrow, we asked our leadership what is their favorite thing about the DPO. Share yours in the comments section of your Colorado Gives Day donation!

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I love that the DPO performs classical music in a fun, casual and welcoming environment.”

— Valerie Clausen, Executive Director


I love the challenging and fun season programming that engages both DPO audiences and musicians.”

— Alixandra Feeley, Board Member


I love seeing the hall completely filled at every concert with people of all ages — including lots of kids.”

— Lawrence Golan, Music Director


I love that we are breaking down barriers between the audience and the music.”

— Sarah Hogan, Board Member


I love that the DPO is a welcoming and inclusive organization.”

— Russell Klein, Board Member


I love that the DPO is primarily made up of volunteers; people that put in the work for the sheer enjoyment of it. And, it shows.”

— Allison Lausten, Board Treasurer


I love hearing all the musicians’ parts, the notes you can’t hear in a recording or a huge hall and the skill of these volunteer players.”

— Linda Lebsack, Board Secretary


I love the true community vibe at DPO concerts. It’s a place we can all come together and find common ground.”

— Matt Meier, Board Member


I love that it’s always a fun night with a variety of things to engage people of all ages.”

— Jon Olafson, Board President


I love that our organization is passionate about delivering great music experiences to our community in a way that is both accessible and fun.”

— Tenley Oldak, Board Member

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