What the Fugue is a Philanthropist?

Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in What the Fugue?
What the Fugue is a Philanthropist?

We hear the term “philanthropist,” and we think of steel barons and Daddy Warbucks. It’s a word that kind of a mouthful and one that I wouldn’t want to say ten times fast. But really, what the fugue is a philanthropist?

For this one, we’ll make it a little interactive:

  1. Get our your phone.
  2. Turn your camera on “selfie mode”
  3. Whoa! It’s you! (And you’re looking good today!)

Yes, you! A philanthropist is anyone with a big heart and internet access which sounds a lot like you. You don’t need to be Batman to be the hero we need right now.

Our average donation is $100, but any contribution makes a difference. Can you join us in continually redefining the way our community experiences and engages with classical music? Then you’ll be able to brag to all your friends that you’re indeed a philanthropist.