Our Mission

To continually redefine the way our community experiences and engages with classical music.

Our Vision

We seek to bridge centuries and cultures across continents through live classical music that inspires and engages the large and diverse audience in our greater Denver community.

Our Values

We are approachable. We believe classical music is meant for all — come as your authentic selves. We price our tickets so your whole family and friend group can be included. Whether it’s the music you hear or the people you enjoy it with, together we are better. “Come play with us!”

We connect the generations.  Music stirs the soul, whether you are 5, 25, or 95. We believe in connecting frivolity with the classical, and education to entertainment. Let our music transport you every time you hear it.  “Come play with us!”

We seek to engage. Our performances and partnerships are designed to foster community, inspire diverse perspectives and create extraordinary experiences.  We believe life is meant to be shared — enjoy it. “Come play with us!”

Our EDIA Statement

The Denver Philharmonic Orchestra’s equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDIA) statement reflects our dedication to developing resources for our board, musicians, volunteers, and patrons to further EDIA in our community. The statement is one component of a historic and ongoing commitment to EDIA that the DPO has prioritized since its founding. Our EDIA statement is focused on articulating and developing organizational goals and opportunities for the Board, orchestra, and patrons to effect EDIA-related change in the geographic and musical communities of which the DPO is a member.

View our EDI statement.