Pack your passports for the season finale Eurotrip on June 3. Travel across the pond on a musical tour of the European continent (with a layover in China). First stop — France! Enjoy César Franck’s ever-popular Symphony in D Minor and George Gershwin’s lyrical jazz number An American in Paris. Sail down the Vltava River through the meadows of Bohemia with Czech composer Bedrich Smetana’s Die Moldau. Waltz into Vienna with Johann Strauss, Jr.’s On the Beautiful Blue Danube and Fritz Kreisler’s Liebesleid. Our trip ends in Eastern Europe with the Hungarian folksong Czárdás by Vittorio Monti.

Lu Qiming: Ode to the Red Flag
Franck: Symphony in D Minor
Gershwin, arr. Whitney: An American in Paris Suite
Smetana: Die Moldau
Strauss Jr.: On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Kreisler, arr. McAlister: Liebesleid, featuring Lawrence Golan, Violin
Monti: Czardas, featuring Lawrence Golan, Violin