Expect the Unexpected

We’ll be super honest with you — we don’t know what this season looks like! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Last year, sold-out crowds at Central Presbyterian were a dream come true, and now, well, we think everyone would agree that is pretty much Dr. Fauci’s worst nightmare. We’ve spent the better part of these quarantined months planning, adjusting, pivoting, (baking, eating, quarantini-ing…) and while we desperately want to bring our community together to experience and engage with classical music, our priority is doing it safely for you and for us.

So, this year, fulfilling our mission will look different than the past 72 seasons. We’re exploring small-ensemble performances outdoors with limited audience capacities where we can all maintain social distancing guidelines. And we’re planning nonperformance experiences for those who may not feel comfortable gathering just yet. No matter what, we are putting health and safety first.